The Movement of Christ

I was originally going to post today about a different topic but God really showed me an important truth that I feel called to share.

This morning, like every Sunday morning, I attend church with my family. In service, the new head of Missions gave a PowerPoint presentation about missions and his vision for the future. Our previous pastor, who was called into missions, also spoke on what he was currently doing in his ministry/missions outreach. Also, all this week, I have been watching Andy Stanley’s series entitled “Big Church”. One of the main points that he addresses is that Christianity is a movement and not just people and church buildings. People and churches can become inwardly focused on themselves when they should strive to continue impacting the world around them and bringing people in who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. All of this to say, I do not believe that we need churches to make an impact for Jesus Christ. God has called us to be good stewards with our money and to use our money to further His Kingdom. We do not have to give it to our local churches if we do not agree with the direction they are going. It is a wonderful opportunity for God to be able to provide for us a way to gain wealth so that we can decide what we do with that wealth He has so graciously given us. Do not feel like you have to give to your local church if you do not feel called to do that. Give to something that you are passionate about, that God has given you a passion for that furthers His Kingdom. For me personally, I support some well known pastors and an organization that helps gay Christians with their sexuality and faith. Another point that Andy Stanley has made, I do not remember what message of his it was in, is that when we give our money to some cause, we have more connection to it and are more involved with it because we are putting something into it that we have worked hard for. Many people say that we need the local church and I agree with that. We need places where people can go, connect with God, and grow deeper in their faith. But churches can also become corrupt just like anything else. Being a gay Christian man in a conservative community church, I am not accepted for who I am. I attend there because my parents want their family to all go to the same church. I am torn because I have talked with the pastor and he supports me though he does not support acting out my attractions and feelings. I support him but not the church that he leads. I have not given anything financially to the church I attend because I am torn and do not feel a peace about it . I do not want to support a place where people hurt others over their sexual orientation. There has been enough hurt and pain, I will not support any more. I encourage Christians to support whatever is helping them to grow spiritually. Whether it be a pastor online or a Christian book or anything else.

With church the way it is in the 21st century, I do not think being a part of a church body is mandatory for a Christian. For some, it is necessary for them to grow spiritually, be encouraged, and be discipled by other Christians. With technology, we are able to do many things we could not do before. The most important thing is that a person surrounds themselves with Christians that they can learn from and gain wisdom from. At the right time, they should also be passing down their wisdom and guidance to one that is younger.

I am not saying that being a part of a church is wrong. With so many options available to us in this day and age, take advantage of them. We do not have to live in a mold just because it has been done this way for a long time. Find something that helps you grow and connect with God and stick with it. Everyone is different and everyone has a different way of connecting with God. I would not want someone to go to church and go through the motions every Sunday just because that is what they had always done and get nothing out of it. The point is not what you do, it is that you are growing deeper in faith and in Christ.

I feel God has called me to further His Movement, to continue to spread the love of Christ to gay Christian men. This blog is only the first step in accomplishing that goal. God has given me many more ideas that, if He allows, I will be able to be a part of and reach gay Christian men with His love. If you feel so lead, please pray that God would continue to work in me and that He would give me the strength and the resources to fulfill His will for me in my part of His Movement.

May God continue to bless you beyond more than you could ever imagine,



5 responses to “The Movement of Christ

  • jessielansdel

    My feelings exactly. I have always maintained that it doesn’t matter where you worship God; be it at home, in a field, a wood or a dingy back street. He’ll here you.
    Good post. Thank you. 🙂

  • sister in Christ

    When you decided to live for Christ you died to your own understanding and desires…although it may be your stronghold,which i pray you are delivered, doesn’t mean you go against Gods word (and bring others with you) to validate how you want to live. It may be difficult, but with God nothing is impossible for He can do anything but fail. He is a forgiving God, ready to pick us up where we fall short. He wants all of us, not just the parts we are willing to give because its convenient. Read 1Timothy 1:3-11, Matt 18:7-9, Corinthians 6:12-20, James 1:12-15. I hope this blesses you and soon bring peace to your spirit! -with love, your sister in Christ!

    • jmtromm

      There is more than just the traditional view of the Bible when it comes to people who are gay. People do believe that they can be gay and a Christian. Have you looked into the success rate of how many people have become straight? Over and over again people who are gay pray to God to take their attractions away from them but He never does. People who are gay have gone through ex-gay ministries only to come out more confused and broken than they went in. They were indoctrinated to think they are broken and less of a person because they are gay. Ex-gay ministries do not change a person’s sexual orientation. A person who still has same gender attractions is still gay/lesbian by definition. Ex-gay ministries teach how to suppress one’s sexuality, which causes physical and emotional damage to the individual.

      Have you ever talked with a gay man about the struggles he has gone through in his life because of his sexuality? Do you open your heart and mind to understand where gay men are coming from? Or do you just throw Bible verses at gay people and pray that they would change? Do you build a wall with the Bible itself from you and gay people because you are unwilling to love as Jesus loved all? Jesus spent his time with the least important people of society and I honestly believe that if Jesus was on the earth in present day, He would be spending time with the gay people, loving them and encouraging them. Do you do as Jesus does?

  • hastywords

    I think it is easy for Christians to say if you are worried about it don’t do it. But it isn’t that easy. Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we can have and I do believe he will point us all in the right direction for our lives. God’s word lives and breaths for all of us so we can have our own intimate relationship with him. It is too bad we spend most of our time as Christians measuring everyone else.

    • jmtromm

      I would agree. Many Christians are afraid of stepping out and doing something because they do not know if it is God’s will for them or if it is a sin that they might commit. If you are sinning, God would tell you and convict you of it. If God wants you to go a different way, He will let you know. Sometimes God wants us to simply step out in faith to show that we trust Him when we do not know everything and have all the details.
      Our individual relationship with God is what matters most, not looking around to see what everyone else is doing. Keep set our eyes on God and His plan for our lives.

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