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I was inspired to write this blog post from reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Currently, I am halfway through the book. As a side note: If anyone would want to recommend books that they have really enjoyed, feel free to post them in the comments or e-mail me at Even if it is a gay-themed novel, feel free to share it. The reason that I love reading is to gain life lessons from the stories and apply them to my own life. I love learning about the human condition – every aspect of it. From the happiness and joy of life to the sadness and despair of life. If my readers would like to see my review of The Hunger Games, I would be more than happy to review it, give my take on it.

One thing that I was hit by while reading The Hunger Games is Collins’ element of the Capitol. The 13 districts waged war previously with the Capitol to essentially overthrow it as their government and to create a new one but they failed. The 13th District was even obliterated to show that the Capitol is in control.  The Capitol is always reminding them in different ways that they will always rule over the people made me connect it with the United States today and Christians today. Currently, the United States is crumbling slowly whether people see it or not. I compared the Capitol to the United States now but more so in it’s heyday. Do other countries look at us like the people of Panem (the world of The Hunger Games) view the Capitol? We have all of this prosperity and luxury yet we are not willing to share it with the hurting people of the world? Katniss, the main character of the novel from whose perspective it is written, talks about never riding in a car or never taking a shower before being selected to be a part of the Hunger Games. Also in the novel, the Capitol created Tracker Jackers (a mutation of a bee that basically tracks a person down and kills them if bothered) to remind it’s people that they will always be under the Capitol. Do we have things in our lives that we look it that just discourage us? Maybe it is even thoughts that we are always coming back to that just discourage us from progressing, from moving forward. It encouraged me to have positive things in my life that give me strength. It could be a quote taped up on your bathroom mirror that can be looked at every morning getting ready but something that would be there to remind us that life is not all bad and to keep pressing on. Are we as Christians today the Capitol towards the world? Do we force our beliefs on everyone and tell them that that is just the way things are? Do we let people suffer of treatable diseases and hunger simply because we are lazy living in our “land of luxury” the United States? Are we just accumulating all this wealth just to say we have it when there are hurting people that could really use it but it is locked away in a huge bank account?

I look at famous Christian preachers and pastors and think why do they need the big houses and all these extra items that are expensive purchases. Hopefully one day, God willing, I can influence people all over the world with the love of Jesus to gay men specifically. Honestly, most of the money will go to the cause and not to my salary. There is a difference between living comfortably and living in luxury. I do not need luxury when there are people in the world stricken with all different difficult situations. I cannot even justify having it. Though, I look up at them and point my finger and I am not in their shoes so I could not say if I would be like them but I honestly strive not to be. There has been great efforts done to help the world but there is still work to be done. There is money just sitting in a luxurious home that would be better spend giving aid to hurting people.

As Christians, I think that it is okay for us to look nice and have nice things. God wants to bless us because we are His children and He loves us but when we have to have the biggest and the best, that is when it gets out of hand. If we are Christians, we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us and God calls our bodies temples. We need to take care of our bodies and one way to do that is to look your best. With looking our best, we should also have a kind and compassionate heart. Let us not be nice and clean on the outside but dirty on the inside.

Hopefully I make sense in this post. Sometimes I can get high and lofty when I make a connection. It makes sense in my mind but it might not be conveyed as clearly as it is for me.

I am reminded too through having started a blog that it is so easy to tell others what they need to be doing and not be doing it myself. I want to set the example and be living out the life that I challenge my readers to pursue. One of the ways I reach out and help is this blog to give hope and encouragement to gay men. I contacted my Pastor to have an evening of discussion with my church about simply sharing my testimony and living as a man who is a Christian and also attracted to other men. He is currently out of town but said he would definitely get back to me. As many of my readers know, dialogue is so important when it comes to the topic of gay people. One of the quotes I would like to start is “Honest communication is the key to healing.” It drives me to do what I do. Please pray that God would work in that area of my life and I would have the opportunity to share with my church my story as a gay Christian man and that they would see how some of  their beliefs are corrupt about gay people. I honestly believe that there are straight Christians out there that just make stuff up about gay people and spread it deceiving people when they are unwilling to even have an open conversation with a gay man. This is disheartening and sad to me.

Today, I had the urge to pray for gay men and gay teens. I just asked God to not let any gay man kill themselves today because they are gay. Though there probably will be gay teens that we still lose, I would encourage my readers to also pray that prayer with me. Also, pray for opportunities to comfort and encourage gay man and gay teens when they just need someone to be there for them.

I hope all of my readers have a blessed and wonderful week ahead!



2 responses to “Place In This World

  • andrewrojahn

    When it comes to literature, I see a lot of you in me, or me in you, whichever.

    “I love learning about the human condition – every aspect of it. From the happiness and joy of life to the sadness and despair of life.”

    I feel the same way.

    If you truly enjoy this, I suggest reading J.M. Coetzee’s “Disgrace”. It is a phenomenal book, one that has dramatically changed different aspect of how I view the world.

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