Above All: Love

My view of love has been changing; redefining what is really is.

I started watching Andy Stanley’s Christian series and really enjoyed his first two sermons. The third one just hit me the wrong way and made me think/question what I believe. Things he was saying I did not agree with. Overall, it is a controversial sermon series so I should not have been surprised but it was the first time I passionately disagreed with a pastor on what he was preaching. As I continue to sort through this in my own life, I will share more. I am not here to bash Andy Stanley because I do enjoy his sermons and think he does have a lot of good insight on the Bible and Christian living.

Ultimately, I have just come to the conclusion that my biggest goal in life is to love everyone as Jesus would. Though I may not have it all right and I probably do not, this is where I am at in life – for better or for worse. I do not believe it is my responsibility to judge other people. It is God’s job to convict and change someone. I need to be there for the hurting people that need a helping hand. I need to choose to love no matter what the cost. I choose love over power. In every action, I choose love.

A big point that I have come to is I cannot be distracted from what God has called me to do. God has called me to love. I cannot be distracted by other Christians judging gay men because of their sexuality. I am focused on loving the LGBT community and God will do the rest. God will show each individual where He would want them and how they live their lives.

I want gay men to know that God loves them even though Christians give the impression that because you are gay God does not love you anymore. God still loves you and always has loved you. I want to give every gay man struggling or just in general a hug and tell them everything will be okay. God is in control and there are people that love you and care about you.

I will love. Will you?



One response to “Above All: Love

  • Gay Apostolics (@gayapostolics)

    Times are tough and things are really bad in our country and world.
    In America, the “proverbial’ stew pot we witness half the US hate the POTUS because the color of his skin. Gays are not welcome in most Christian churches it is no wonder when our community reaches out for
    love and support that only bigotry and discrimination is given [again, most churches]. Is it no wonder that our community seeks other religions and places of refuge.

    Take Chick-Fil-A, recently it’s president came out against gay marriage and has given millions of dollars to anti-gay organizations. This is suppose to be a food establishment and not a church but where do we cross the line. Sure, as a business he can refuse service to anyone but only God has the right to judge! We must remember that Jesus came into the would not to condemn it but that the world through Him might be saved.
    Who do you think Mr. Cathy is going to go after next with his religious crusade against regular people trying to find their place in the world.

    No wonder the Founding Fathers did not wanted separation of church and state. So many people can get blinded by hate and not help their fellow man.

    I sure can’t cast the first stone. My mom and I haven’t spoke in about a month. I finally got fed up. Exactly how much junk am I suppose to put up with. I have healed a whole over this but my mom didn’t want me when
    I was born [nothing personal] she just wanted a girl and not a boy. She had two more boys before she had the girl that she always wanted. At 15, my dad deserted us and I was so glad because he hated me with a passion and my mom kicked me out of her house because I was gay.
    Almost 30 years passed before my mom finally accepted me and we started talking again but there is just no connection there. I mean she tries to be motherly but were like friends. And it just ticks me off when she stabs me in the back or demands that I do something for her.
    Yes, I gotta love. Love my enemies to and pray for those that despitefully use us. I think it’s a tall order but the One who knows me most, did it best.


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