Chick-Fil-A Thoughts

I would like to comment on the recent happenings with Chick-Fil-A:

I do not dislike Dan Cathy for coming out and saying that he disproves of the marriage of gay people. I do not dislike the people that took the time to support Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday. Throughout this blog and my life, one of my mantras has been to live a real and honest life. Dan Cathy is living real when he said that he does not support marriage for gay people. I cannot change people’s convictions. Everyone should live by their convictions whether others disagree with them or not. It is not my job to change their heart on this topic. Only God can do that. I do not feel that debate will do much to change anything but to show people that we love them though we disagree with their beliefs is key to a person changing their heart on an issue.

The biggest part of all of this that hurts me is how much of Wednesday’s profits will go towards funding groups that think gay people should change or that they are less of a person because they are gay. This is the reason why I do not support Chick-Fil-A. As a Christian, God has given me money in this world and responsibility over it. To fund indirectly groups that would hurt and cause more pain to my gay brothers is not being a good steward of the money that God has given me. It is hard enough to be gay in today’s world. It is even harder to be told that you need to change and you are less of a person because you are gay. This is just not true. God loves everyone and there is a reason why God wanted you to be gay.

It is hard being a gay Christian and being stuck in the middle of two different communities. I agree with both communities at different times and I disagree with both communities at different times. One thing that all of this has taught me is that no matter what side starts something, I never want to respond back in a hateful way. Though some may cause hate on one side, I will not stoop that low and give it back.

This event again reiterates the need for me to start an organization that reaches out to gay men where they are at, helping wherever they need, showing that God does love them and He has a purpose for their lives. It also reiterates for me the need to continue to be real and share my story/experiences with others.

As gay people, we have not lost. This was just one battle out of many; though the war is not over. There is still more to do before gay people will have the right to marry. We still have work to do. I will do the best I can and what I cannot do; God will fill in the gaps.



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