Prayer Requests

I felt lead today to ask my readers, and anyone else that may stumble onto my blog, if they had anything that they would like me to pray about. Whether it be something about their sexuality, or their career, or anything at all. From my experiences growing up in church, many people feel that prayer is a weak spot in their relationship with God. Being a gay Christian, prayer was my lifeline. I continually poured my heart out to God about what was going on in my life as I wrestled with my sexuality. If there is something that needs to be prayed for, I take the time to pray for it whatever time of day or whatever I am doing at the time. Prayer does not have to be complicated. What matters is that our prayers come from our heart; that we are honest with ourselves and with God.

Feel free to leave your prayer request as a comment or send me an e-mail at: I will create a list of all of the prayer requests and pray for them on a daily basis. Hopefully this will be a blessing to those that are involved.

I wish everyone the best as we start another week ahead.



7 responses to “Prayer Requests

  • jessielansdel

    I never fail to be surprised (maybe I shouldn’t be) that so many of my prayers are answered but in totally unexpected ways. IMO He listens wherever you are when you pray and whatever you are doing.
    I wish you all the very best as well.

  • Rich

    I frequently pray for acceptance. It is so that I will accept what God has for me and do my best to understand my path in life. This is where I seek prayers. Everything else I know will be answered when the time is right for me, until then I must learn to accept the challenges and do my best.

  • Walter

    Thank you for praying. I would really like a partner. I’m gay and 41 and have never had a relationship, not even for 1 day. I went to speed dating last Wednesday and did not get a response from any of the guys I liked. I feel like a loser and that this life is not for me. Is life without love worth living? What is wrong with me? Or what am I doing wrong? I feel lonely and left out

  • Gay Apostolics (@gayapostolics)

    Please pray ove and agree with me about:

    *special unspoken request…needs Divine intervention
    *closer walk with Jesus
    *desire to read the Bible more
    *first love with the Lord
    *being semi-disabled it’s hard to find a job
    *need income to pay bills, school loans, fix car and house repairs
    *strength, courage, protection for my partner
    *continued physical healing

    thanks for the prayer of agreement. all this we ask in the precious name of Jesus!

  • Mike Valdez

    I am praying hard for several of my friends who are hurting. I also am praying, and asking those who would help, to pray for a new relationship I am embarking on. It is a way I never felt, but we have some things against us. I pray he sees the connection we have as strong as I see it. I pray he heals from past relationships. I pray for my patience, and for forgiveness from the lord for asking him so many times to bless it for life. I also have a new prayer, that as gay Christians, we can be strengthened through him, and through each other.

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