Am I Attractive?

As I got out of the shower and looked into the mirror, I asked myself honestly “Do I find myself attractive?”. My response came up as a “No.” I have done this in the past and there have been a “Yes” answer occasionally. I said “No” because I am in need of a haircut and my facial hair needs a little clean up. Working in a factory full-time, I do not care what I look like as I work and get dirty and it is just the same people around all the time. If I do not look my best, it does not matter.

The point that came to mind though is if I do not find myself attractive, how is a future boyfriend? I feel we should always put our best face forward, so to speak. I know when I am not clean shaven or did not take care of something that I wish I would of, it eats away at me all day and I am not as confident as if I would have taken care of it.

On the flip side, there is an image of perfection that gay men feel that they have to achieve when it comes to their appearance. Just like women, we see ads of models and different people and want to be like them though they are altered photos or what not. Every gay man should strive to look his best and that is different for each gay man individually but I do not think we should strive for the perfection of the magazines or the perfection of the gay men that can be seen in porn.

Look your best but do not stress over perfection.

Just some thoughts I had this morning. Have a great day everyone!



4 responses to “Am I Attractive?

  • hastywords

    I see these same thoughts lived out in almost every single one of my gay friends (and I may have even more than you do). My eight year old and I were watching White Collar and I told her the lead character was Gay in real life. She said, “I know!” I asked her how she knew and she said, “Because he is cute!” 🙂

  • Rich

    I also think that is you feel good inside and confident of who you are, it radiates out and make you even more attractive.

  • Alex Diaz

    Breaking down this image of “gay” and rebuilding one of my own was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Took a few years but it happened. Now I can confidently say that my brain cells are part of the what’s-attractive picture. Even more so when I’m looking at potential boyfriends! If we can nerd out at an art museum or symphony together…. I’ll melt into your arms soooooooooooo fast.

  • mylifeinprocess

    I think this applies for everyone. Even outside of the magazines, we let our self worth and “beauty” be judged by so many things that are outside of ourselves.

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