Modest Is Hottest

This saying has been used for Christian women when it comes to the way that they dress. I want to turn it around to the gay (Christian) men as well. Many of the struggles that gay men go through are similar to those of straight women because of our similar brain function. I was watching a video made by the underwear company I no longer support. Gay men in wet underwear as they gyrate around in this car wash scene. It only enforces the gay stereotype. This company continues to grow and gain because of these sexual commercials. We all know that using sex in advertising makes products sell. Sex is something that everyone wants. It is relatable. This advertisement promotes that the underwear and sex will be fulfilling. Eventually it will leave a person even more broken and hurt.

I want to represent a different standard. When we as gay men show ourselves as something other than modest, we are cutting ourselves short. We are more than just our bodies. We are more than just sex. We are more than just a one night stand. We are more than something to be used and thrown away. There are consequences for our sexual acts. HIV and AIDS is just one example. It is really worth the risk to have sex with multiple men just for the pleasure that is felt while in the moment? Do you want to truly be loved or do you want to be the release of someone’s extreme sexual desires? The first is selfless; the second is selfish. I mentioned in a previous post that we see this in gay porn. The mentality of “I am going to top this guy as hard as I can because it will make me feel good and I do not really care about the other guy I am having sex with. I just want him for his body. I do not care who he is as a person.” This only hurts people more.

Do not give into this lie. Let your personality radiate out, radiating the beautiful person you are. What does the way you dress say about how you view yourself and how you view the world?



2 responses to “Modest Is Hottest

  • Rich

    I have seen the extended version of that commercial on their website. Of course, all they really want to do is sell a product and I believe they pitch all their advertising at gay men. We must by a lot of their underwear, idk.

    • jmtromm

      Their audience is gay men and I will give them the credit for their advertising being successful but is it right for people in general or for the gay community? My experience with this company has fueled my thoughts and how to reach out to the gay community. Though I will not share specifics as it is groundbreaking and no one else has ever done anything like it before. I cannot blame gay men for buying stylish underwear and clothing from a successful designer but advertising underwear that includes gay porn is where I draw the line. It only reinforces that gay men should not be allowed to marry if they continue to sleep around. It is this stereotype that has cost the gay community and this company is using it to sell product. 😦

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