The New Normal




The New Normal is Ryan Murphy’s newest television series and will start airing Tuesday September 11th, 2012 on NBC. This is a show based around the topics of love and family as the main story line captures the lives of two gay men who want to have a child and what it is like to have a baby through a surrogate.

I want to applaud Ryan Murphy for showing gay men for who they are on television, gay men just going around living their daily lives. He has pushed the envelope with Glee and now with this new project. It seems like one of his goals in all his shows is to write characters that are relatable to the audience watching. I am really looking forward to this show and what transpires because of it.

Though some people would say that this show will make people gay, which is false, the title is definitely a bold statement to say the least. It is fighting for marriage equality. It is heating up the debate on gay marriage in saying that this is the future of family. I thank Ryan Murphy for taking a bold move in the title and not compromising because of other people’s beliefs but I would have picked something less controversial to title the show. Going back to the beginning of this paragraph, television shows about gay people do not make other people gay as their sexual orientation cannot change. If anything, it helps someone better understand that they could be or are gay. No television show with gay themes promotes gay sex for people just to try. Television is a medium that portrays pieces of reality about everyday life. If someone decides they want to have gay sex after watching a gay themed television show, that is on them but the television show did not say that and will not say that. I wish I had television shows when I was growing up that addressed same-sex relationships because it would have helped me better understand myself. When I knew I was different but did not have a label for it, it hurt all the more. I am glad we have television shows like this to help people struggling with their sexuality and to educate others who might not understand gay men or the need they feel to start a family.

One Million Moms, the end of July, stated and they do not like this show and will do their best to cut sponsors for The New Normal so that less advertisement can be done causing ratings to plummet and the show to be cancelled. I write this post to encourage my fellow readers to support this show. It has more on the line than any other shows premiering this fall because One Million Moms wants to cancel it. Am I afraid of One Million Moms? I am not but as gay men who would like the right to marry and have a family, we should support this show and Ryan Murphy; who is a gay man himself. It could easily be said that One Million Moms is trying to take away Ryan Murphy’s freedom of speech much like  many people in support of traditional marriage said about Chick-Fil-A.

Here is a preview for The New Normal:



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