Escaping vs Really Living

One thing that I like to do is I like to hear about the experiences of the lives of the people around me. (This post has come out of hearing about other people’s lives.) It helps me better understand the human condition and prepares me to one day head an organization that reaches out and helps others. It seems the norm that people in the United States go out to party and drink on the weekends. It seems to be used as a way of coping with life. As I thought about it more, it just seems to me like people are running away from their problems, at least for a little while, trying to escape. Is there a better way or are we settling for something less than by just letting go on the weekends? To me it does not make sense. Why are we running from our reality when we can face it head on and make a difference? Why are we compromising for the world we see around us? Is the partying really doing any good for people? Could that money spent on partying be used to help that person better or even help someone else? I believe it can. I do not judge or condemn in this post but just give my readers something to think about. For I know I am not perfect and will never be perfect so I have no room to tell anyone what to do.

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world. Though we are currently in a recession economically and our national debt has soared to $15 Trillion, our wealth is still higher than many other countries all over the world. Much of that debt China owns but it is also from debt that we as Americans have created. Currently, I am paying off a state and private loan for my one and a half years that I attended college. It is so important to pay back our debts. When we do not, they become bondage to us and we become their slave. A way that we can help others is by paying off the debts that we have within the United States.

I have heard this before but what if a person did not go to on their daily Starbucks run everyday but maybe just three or four times a week. That would be about saving $12 a week, $48 a month. What if that was put towards helping others in the United States or another country in the world. I have nothing against Starbucks and support them because of their stance on gay rights. I do think though that one person’s lack of $48 a month will cause Starbucks to close. All of the other days a person could drink water. That person would be healthier as they are drinking more water, not taking in as much caffeine and sugar, and also making a difference in the lives of others by their donation. This person is not loosing anything but gaining so much: a healthier life and a sense of happiness and doing good for others. To help others is always such a rewarding experience and always makes a person feel good.

At the beginning of the year, I gave to different organizations that are on my heart. The key to giving is not how much a person gives but that a person does give. Never think that what a person gives is insignificant. Just because a person may think it is insignificant, the kid who the person fed is truly grateful for that person’s donation because they would not have had a meal that day without it. We truly can do mighty things if we just believe.

I would also recommend giving to a cause that is dear to your heart. Where a person’s money is, so is their attention. We want to know that we are getting the best for our money because we work hard to make it. Find out what is going on periodically within the organization that you have chosen to give to. Be able to see all of the good that they are doing with the donation that you gave and others have given.



One response to “Escaping vs Really Living

  • Rich Paschall

    We found a way to spend money for enjoyment and give at the same time. There are pancake breakfast, fish fy, spaghetti dinners, local carnivals where profit goes to community organizations. Sometimes restaurants have nights where they give part of the profit to a local charity. Dine Out for Life, for example, has many restaurants that pledge proceeds to local HIV/AIDS service organizations and research funds all on the same night. It does not have ot hurt to give a little.

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