How He Loves

Like any gay man, I struggled with my sexuality in middle school and high school. I did not really have anyone to talk to. It was just me dealing with this huge stress in my life. Since there was no one  else I felt I could go to, I would go to God. I would cry out to God tears streaming down my face, telling Him how I felt and hurt. He was always there for me. There was a reason God wanted to to go through that, what I would call, terrible time in my life. Having gone through it now, I am a stronger man and my relationship with God is stronger as well. God has a purpose and calling for my life. He wants me to cry out to Him when I am in need. He wants to bless me as a father his child.

Many gay men do not have good relationships with their fathers. Mine is no different. The wonderful thing though is what my dad lacks to provide me, God greatly provides everything I need. No matter how bad my dad has screwed up, I know I have a loving father figure in God who will never leave me and always love me unconditionally. I do not need to pretend to be someone else to be accepted. I come to God will all my baggage and give it to Him. We do not need to be perfect to come to God and for Him to love us.

To all gay men that read this and our struggling in one way or another with their sexuality, I would like to say “I love you buddy. We’re going to make it.” There is hope for a better future. There is always hope in God. I hope and pray that my readers would be able to see how much God loves them.

This video always makes me cry every time I watch it because I have lived it. I hope that this video encourages and reveals more of who God is.

God Bless,



2 responses to “How He Loves

  • gayproject

    My father has been dead for many years, he did not practice the religion, but it was a point of reference for me, taught me respect for others and selflessness, he passed on his scale of values ​​and are values ​​that I consider sacrosanct and that I love deeply. The day he died he told me he thanked God for giving him a son like me. I believe that the essence of what I am today is largely the result of his example and his affection.

  • Rich Paschall

    Another great video. Very touching, especially for those who have experienced rain, which is all of us.

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