Book Discussion: Choosing October Book

It is that time again to choose a new book for a new month.

Here are my suggestions for the October Book Discussion. Feel free to add any suggestions as well.

  • The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer – Colfer took the time out of his busy schedule to write a fairy tale story. I admire his work as Kurt on Glee. Being gay himself,  I want to support another gay man in his hard work and effort that he put into this book.
  • The God Box by Alex Sanchez – This was a possible option for September but wanted to bring it back again. It is a story but two young boy who fall in love and wrestle with their faith and sexuality.
  • Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community by Andrew Marin – I had the privilege to hearing him speak at my college. He has started the Marin Foundation that builds bridges between the gay community to the rest of the world. He and his foundation are most well known for making signs stating they are sorry for how Christians act towards the gay community and have given out hugs to the gay men that walk past during pride parades.

As well, feel free to let me know what types of books interest the readers of these discussions. I would like to always have books that the readers enjoy and are interested in. Thanks!

Have a great day!



2 responses to “Book Discussion: Choosing October Book

  • Rich Paschall

    Love is an Orientation is on top. How do we elevate the conversation?
    The God Box is next. Exploring faith and sexuality through a love story is also of interest. Sorry, but my mind is often off in several directions at once.

    • jmtromm

      Sounds good. Let us do Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin for October. I am also in the process of finishing The Letter Q but hopefully I will have that post up so we can start discussing. Work has been pretty crazy but hopefully I will be able to get back on track. Thanks for everyone’s patience. 🙂

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