Relationship Advice from Klaine – Glee

With a very moving and emotional episode entitled “The Break-Up” that aired this Thursday and a small hiatus before the next episodes in November; here is my opinion and advice when it comes to Klaine.

First and foremost, Kurt never deserved Blaine and still does not to this day. Blaine showers Kurt with romance and charm and gets little in return. I love Blaine and I love Kurt but I do not think they should be together. I will admit that their relationship has changed the world, life beyond television, and for that I am truly grateful.

We see in season 4 as Kurt goes off to New York with Rachel, Blaine is left on the wayside. In one phone call, Kurt rambles on about life in New York as Blaine wants to tell him that he is running for Student Council President. Blaine is sad but understanding and moves on. When Blaine finds out that he won the election, he calls Kurt to share the news only to be ignored by Kurt as he is busy socializing with fellow coworkers. Kurt and Blaine do share a movie via Skype but when a person has a limited amount of time, watching a movie together is not the best use of it. It turns the attention on something else. Sure, you saw something together but you did not really get to talk and interact with the other person. It was mostly about the movie.

I think there was a major lesson that Kurt did not learn in Season 3. Sebastian came into the picture and tried to get Blaine away from Kurt. Kurt should know that Blaine is more than a great catch and keep his man interested, which they later agree to have sex together. There will always be guys that crush on Blaine and even though he will be loyal to Kurt, Kurt still has to do his share in the relationship. I would love to see Kurt actually give Blaine something for a change and be all romantic.

Blaine continues to bend over backwards for Kurt as he surprises him by coming to New York being lead by guilt and love. He has slipped up and cheated on Kurt. There is a double standard in Kurt’s mind. Previously, Kurt has cheated on Blaine via texting another guy that Rachel confronted him about. Just because Blaine did not find out about that makes it okay? Both of them have cheated but that does not excuse Kurt for getting that upset about Blaine cheating and later throwing away his apology note. Seeing all of what is going on, I side with Blaine. Blaine did everything he could to reach out to Kurt while he was in New York. Sometimes it works but mostly it does not because of a lack of caring on Kurt’s part. If Kurt truly cared about Blaine, he would make Blaine a priority in his life. We do what we want to do. We make priorities on how we use our time. Kurt chose to launch his career over continuing to kindle his relationship with Blaine.

Look at how far Blaine has come. He left being the Head Warbler to move to McKinley to be with Kurt. He had it all and it took gusts to throw it away and say that his relationship with Kurt was more important than all that came with Dalton Academy. Everything has been for Kurt yet Kurt reciprocates little back.  Kurt needs to know and understand that he is undeserving of Blaine. In being undeserving, that love of knowing the Blaine chose Kurt over every other guy should spill out all over from within him.

What I have learned from Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is to love in a relationship how you would want to be loved. Sure, a person will have individual likes and dislikes and it may not be easy to do some of the things they like but they need to feel loved and cherished. Bend over backwards for your man and hopefully he will bend over backwards for you in return.


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10 responses to “Relationship Advice from Klaine – Glee

  • pottergleefan4

    Kurt was simply texting Chandler, which technically, isn’t cheating. It’s not right at all but it’s not cheating. Blaine cheated. He actually did cheat on Kurt, making him a hypocrite becuase he was pretty mad in ‘Dance With Somebody’ when Kurt ‘cheated’.
    I think Kurt did make Blaine a priority when he stayed in Lima when he got rejected by NYADA. He was there all the time with Blaine and Blaine sent him off to NYC. And then Blaine was mad that Kurt was gone.
    I love Blaine and I love Kurt and I love Klaine and I still think they should be together. I just think they both need to work on their relationship a bit more; Blaine with his needy side when he was the one who sent Kurt off and Kurt with his working habits and the fact that Blaine still needs him despite the fact that he sent him.

  • Rich Paschall

    “…love in a relationship how you would want to be loved.” It’s pretty much a golden rule sort of thing. I think I should be watching this series.

    • jmtromm

      It is definitely a show to catch when it comes to portraying the LGBTQ community well. The show definitely has it’s ups and downs but I really like the honesty when it talks about sexuality.

  • pjman101

    Since the disaster with my mother, I am no longer able to watch glee anymore. It breaks my heart to hear that Kurt and Blaine broke up. As a teenager in high school, (even though its a television show) I looked up to them. They represented a strong gay couple, well until Kurt moved. I’m going to be very disappointed if Darren Criss leaves the show, he is my celebrity crush!

    • jmtromm

      My mother used to like Glee as well and would even watch it with me and one of my sisters but now she does not like it because of Ryan Murphy’s use of the show as a platform to talk about sexuality. I still watch the show and enjoy it. Kurt and Blaine’s relationship has changed the world in such a positive way.

      It is not clear whether or not Kurt and Blaine break up. Blaine is honest with Kurt that he cheated. Kurt gets overemotional. The last scene dealing with Kurt and Blaine is Kurt receives an apology note from Blaine at work which he throws away. There is never talk that they are over.

      I love Darren Criss’ portrayal of Blaine and it will be sad if he does leave the show. At the end of the day, I will not hold that against him as he is young and his career is just starting.

  • Alex Diaz

    does it bother you that in this show the visualization of gay is pushed over the understanding of it?

    • jmtromm

      Alex, I am trying to understand what you are asking me but could you elaborate on this a little more? I think I sort of get what you are saying.

      • Alex Diaz

        oh glee ‘gay’ is firstly something those characters wear. the actual identity is something physically visible rather than just being a part of who you are.

      • Alex Diaz

        on glee*

        i mean, take away the clothes and their character’s meaning disappears, right? i find that to be disgusting and quite appalling. nothing but shallow characters. WHAT are we showing the generation beneath us that gay is? is it a healthy explanation of gay?

  • jmtromm

    I see where you are going.

    I would not say that everything that Glee has done is bad but I would disagree that clothes are everything that makes a person. Darren Criss has created Blaine to be a strong man who can also be very emotional. He boxes and plays sports but also sings and gives romantic gifts to Kurt. I think Ryan Murphy’s goal was to showcase the different types of gay guys. While I would not choose for the “cherrios” to always wear their uniforms, I think it is used to show the “Caste System” of high school.

    Do you watch Glee regularly? Do you have any specific examples from the show?

    Glee is definitely not perfect but I think Ryan Murphy’s heart is in the right place with this show. One of the things I really disliked is in one of the episodes Puck is in the locker room with all of the guys from glee club and he says that he has learned to be a better man through all of them. I would have stopped there but Puck goes on to say “even you Blaine” singling Blaine out for his sexuality. I found it unnecessary and a bit offensive. Blaine should not have been singled out and it further shows Ryan Murphy’s drive for equality in this show and hopefully in life.

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