Work Problems

Right now work is consuming my life. It is not because I have a choice in the matter. When I am scheduled to work a seven day week, I have to work a seven day week. Right now Brendon and I would like to get together again but not knowing when our next day off will be can make it really difficult. As I have said before, I work in a factory making candles. It is modern day slave labor. We only get two ten minute breaks in an eight hour shift. If a person decides to work overtime after their eight hour shift or we are scheduled to work overtime during the week, there is no extra break. We are allowed to take a half hour lunch but it is too much of a hassle to do because it is not a payed lunch. That would mean staying over a half hour and with the shift change and trying to find something else to do, it just is not worth it. We are not notified if we will be working on the weekend until Wednesday. Sometimes it is earlier in the week but mostly an official notice is posted on Wednesday of each week. This is so they can see if we are on track during the week or not but it gives employees no time to plan their weekend or lack there of. This company says they are a company that values family yet hinders their workers from seeing their family because of how much we work. We have also had problems with not having supplies to make product. This backs everything up. We are scheduled to work all this time but do not have all of the supplies to make the product we need to make. This has been an on going reoccurrence.

This company is literally falling apart. It is only time before it collapses. There is a huge lack of organization and communication yet all of that weight bears down on the workers. As workers, we are not doing enough and making enough. We are honestly doing the best we can but when there is not all the supplies to complete a product or we are tired from working all these hours, it is less productive then helpful. No one likes the Director of Operations. He is the one who controls our hours. He is rude and greedy. He wants to make money but not take the time needed to make it. Not only does he work where I work, he also works at the local recreation center. One time, we were running a test for a new line of candles and he was talking to another lady that we were working with about how he has a maid who cleans his house because his wife does not clean. I could not care less about that. That just really shows who he is and his character. Most people who work in the factory are just trying to make ends meet and he brings that up. I will respect him as a person above me within the company but I do not like him at all.

Right now I am trying to get hired into the company so I can make some positive change. The company that I work for uses a temp service. Another company fills the spots that they need filled in the factory. As a temp, the company treats them less than their employees. They are very selective in who they hire. If they do not like someone, they do not get hired. It is more of a popularity contest than who works hard and gets the job done. I have really learned how to run my company in the future from the lack of many things where I work. It is obvious that the company does not care about its workers. If the workers were treated better, we would be willing to do more but if no positive change is going to happen, if it is always going to be our fault that nothing is getting done and the organization of the company is never looked at or taken care of we are going to do what we have to do to survive. It has shown me that my focus for my company is my employees, my customers, and gay men in need. I will never treat my employees the way this company treats me.

At this point, I go into work with a positive attitude and do what I can do. Never will I buy anything from this company because I know the quality of what we make and it honestly could be better and because I will not support the corruption and oppression of the employees that work there. I honestly feel helpless and what to do something to make this better. If the company honestly fired some of the management because they do not do their job or are just bad for the company and reorganized some different areas, they would be much better off.

Here is a glimpse of what I deal with on a daily basis. There will be a day when I no longer work there. I will have a business of my own that I manage. I am and will be grateful for all the things I learned about business from this company. Until then I endure and do the best I can to make a difference in the company and helping the people I work with anyway I can.



4 responses to “Work Problems

  • Rich Paschall

    I know this story all too well, although a different industry. I am lucky that I found a job this summer where the work place is more positive and the workers do not mind when they have to work a little extra. Keep a positive attitude and do not let the turkeys get you down, so to speak. You are right, someday you will be off to something better.

  • jessielansdel

    What an awful work environment. But, as you say, you have learned something by from this; how NOT to treat your work force when you have a business of your own. And that’s all to the good IMO. Meanwhile, can you perhaps look for employment elsewhere? Because you’ll burn out with so few breaks etc and such long shifts. I know, I’ve done it and its dreadful.

    Good luck and all good wishes for your future.

    • jmtromm

      Looking for another job requires time and potentially another transition if I found a job and took it. My plan was to start my business from coming out of the job I have now.

      I do enjoy the people that I work with directly. We all work together well. I realize that I am not mad at my fellow coworkers but at the management for not doing their job in the company. I have also gained Brendon as a friend in all of this. He gets me and I enjoy talking to him. If I left I would definitely see less of him. That could be good and bad. I have not wrote this on my blog specifically but he just recently got a girlfriend. We can just be friends and I am dealing with that. It is what we need but I wish we could be open to more as well.

      Finding another job would have a whole new set of challenges awaiting me. I have to ask myself is it really worth it to go through all that as I am trying to start a business. My gut reaction would be “no” but it is definitely something to keep in my back pocket if things start getting even worse.

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