Star Crossed Lovers

Brendon and I had a wonderful time spending the day together on Saturday. We put up his Christmas tree. I had never seen a white tree with blue lights before but it turned out to be a very nice tree. He made us grilled cheese for lunch.

I brought over Prometheus for us to watch together. He brought us a blanket and we cuddled together. I had wanted to see that movie ever since I saw the trailer for it. When it came out in theaters, my local movie theater only played it once at noon everyday so I could never go. Overall, I enjoyed the movie though it is not one I would watch over and over. It would be nice if there was a sequel as the movie ended with some loose ends left undone. The whole concept of another life form creating humans was interesting.

The pieces are starting to fall into place. Rascal, Brendon’s dog, started to cuddle with me on my lap. He is a Jack Russell Terrier. After we grabbed Burger King for dinner, we cuddled on the couch again and just talked. Brendon right beside me and Rascal laying on my lap. It just felt like family.

Earlier in the week, Brendon had asked me what year I was born. He was researching into the Chinese horoscope. He is a dragon and I am a monkey. We are compatible according to that. Also, I looked at the zodiac signs to see what they said. He is a Pisces and I am a Cancer. We are compatible that way as well since we are both water animals. I do not believe that the stars have any powers of their own but were created by God. It does make sense that depending on what month we are born, we experience different things first because it is that time of the year. It was very interesting to read our compatibility when it to zodiac signs. Some of the things mentioned where right on when it comes to who we are as people while others were not.  I do not believe in the zodiac signs but I am open to reading about them and understanding how they came about. It was just comforting to know that we are considered a compatible match, Brendon and I. Ultimately, it matters what God thinks and what God wants for our lives but I am encouraged that some people would agree that we are meant to be.

Saturday made me fall for him even more. We rub noises and he calls it a koala kiss. We kiss each other but not on the lips. I want to save that for when we are boyfriends officially. Technically, we are friends seeking to be boyfriends when it is right for both of us. Brendon is a good man and I am glad I found him, that he is a part of my life. We all have our flaws but I could potentially see myself living with him for the rest of my life. I love being there for him through all that he is going through. We have had our ups and downs but I am looking ahead and hoping the best in the future.


(Photo Courtesy of Welcome to the New Age via Tumblr)


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