Pieces Starting To Come Together


Brendon and I had a wonderful time on Sunday. Currently he is injured from skating. He fell and his knee took a beating. Nothing serious but it will take some time to heal. He is managing well and doing the best he can. We ordered pizza, cuddled, and I brought over Glee to watch together. I wanted to share with him the Kurt and Blaine relationship. We got through the first four episodes. We cuddled a lot as well. I enjoyed it.

We both want to kiss each other on the lips but Brendon respects me for saving that for when we’re officially together and I just do not want to go through all of this too fast. This shows that he really loves me. He loves me enough that even though he has wanted to kiss me since the day he saw me, he anxiously waits for that day to come and does not try to force me to compromise. I greatly respect Brendon for that and it only makes us stronger.

He told me last night that his mom and sister asked him about me. They would like to meet me (even though we are not official). His mom is not happy about Brendon being bisexual but she just wants her son to be happy and I appreciate that. There might honestly be tension in the house over Brendon and I being together. I do not know why but Brendon’s step dad will not let Brendon live out the gay side of him. He has told Brendon that his brother, who is gay, is the left hand and Brendon is the right hand – meaning that Brendon is straight. I really hope that Brendon and his stepdad’s relationship can be reconciled eventually. Ultimately I am happy that Brendon’s family is willing to be there and support him no matter who he loves. I cannot say that about my family. I am still waiting for my mother’s email. It would be sad but I might honestly move out before it is ever sent. I told Brendon that it would be nice if our anniversary was Christmas. The more I thought about it; Christmas Eve sounds nice as well.

Brendon’s mom has been selling Mary Kay and Brendon has been helping her with it. It seems that she just does not have the drive to be professional or to make sure that everything is right for her customers. Brendon is thinking of what he wants to do with that in possibly selling it himself. It would help us have money to move into an apartment quicker. I would be more than willing to help if he started selling.   Knowing me, I am really excited about it but do not want to take it over. It is Brendon’s idea so I will let him run with it the way he wants to. I think Brendon and I would work well together though it will definitely cause some conflict between us as any work situation does. We have not had any big disagreements or arguments so far in our time together. Hopefully when we come to those, we will be able to navigate through them well.

Overall, everything is going well. Things could be better but they also could be worse so I am definitely happy and thankful for where things are at right now.


(Photo Courtesy of Welcome to the New Age via Tumblr)


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