New Series: Deeper Discussion

I saw a video of Dan Savage promoting his new television show, American Savage, on Facebook. His message is for the Christian Left to be bolder and let the Christian Right know that there are people who are Christians and support gay rights. I would like the opportunity to have my own take on this.

There are posts on WordPress that do oppose gay people and gay rights and I would like to start writing posts addressing those. I do not write these posts to get at the original writers but to show both sides when it comes to the topic of gay people and subtopics under that. From my perspective, I think some people are anti-gay because they have been fed lies about gay people and have had scare tactics set on them so that they will be afraid of gay people and not accept them. I would like to shine light on these false truths as a gay Christian man doing his best to live his life to the fullest and honor God. Hopefully others will be touched by these posts.

For those that are searching for answers and want to understand how or what to do when it comes to such a hot button topic, I want to provide a solution. Maybe it will not be the answers that they need but I feel led to share my side of the story. I want to show people how gay men see it and get rid of the lies that hinder people for being unified. If someone believes that gay is wrong and bases it on their faith or religion, I respect that. I would just hate to see people basing their beliefs on false truths.

All of these new posts will be under the “Deeper Discussion” category on my blog as well. I will still be writing about my life and Brendon but thought I would branch out more and take the opportunity to make a bigger difference. This is only one blog out of many and I am only one person but hopefully I can make a positive impact. I thank all of the readers for commenting and liking my posts. It is truly a privilege to share my life and my story as it happens. Thank you for listening and for this opportunity to share my thoughts, convictions, and passions.

God Bless,



3 responses to “New Series: Deeper Discussion

  • jessielansdel

    Im pleased you’ll be addressing this, Josh. I look forward to reading the posts. 😊

  • dazjames

    I look forward to readng your posts, Josh, it is always good to get another perspective. I am a non-practising Christian because i didn’t think that a church would accept me, perhaps your posts will change my opinion. It may not but i am willing to find out.

  • gayproject

    Hello Josh,
    after I posted on my blog a post to disagree with the opinion of the Pope, according to which gay marriage “constitutes an offense against the truth of the human person, a grave wound inflicted onto justice and peace”, I received some comments inspired by a terrible homophobia based on religion, as if religion should lead to hatred and contempt. I will mention only three.

    “1) homosexuals have to be atheist and agnostics in order to condone their unnatural sexual appetite and behavior. If they really believed in a higher power. that created this world and actually has certain ordinances and rules that we should all try to live by, they wouldn’t try to promote their filthy and sinful lifestyle

    2) Queer marriage is just so wrong!!! It’s not only a sin against God, and His basic design for mankind, it’s a sin against mankind! It is also an aberration against human anatomy! And no, I’m not homoPHOBIC, perverts disgust me, they don’t make me AFRAID! I just can’t believe how a handful of perverts on this earth, could brainwash so many people into accepting this abomination! It looks like we need to start counter-brainwashing schemes to get things right again!

    3) God loves us all and all of us are sinners. Be it adultery, homosexuality, sex before marriage, etc., but it is all sin . God wants us to love one another and Him and to turn away from the sin and love Him more than the sin. I love all too. I pray we all turn to Him. I am a sinner too and I do not want anyone to accept my sin as right. It is not.”

    What the Pope and the comments say is not only an insult to gay people but is an offense to the Christianity itself.
    Also from my perspective “some people are anti-gay because they have been fed lies about gay people and have had scare tactics set on them so that they will be afraid of gay people and not accept them”.

    Josh, you have all my support!

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