Monthly Archives: June 2013

A New Tradition


Brendon and I have decided to start a new tradition for us. Our local Lemonberry is open for an hour after I get off work so we will head over there every Friday night to celebrate another week successfully completed and enjoy some frozen yogurt. Last week I got Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse. Yum! The store also just so happens to be on the town square where there is a beautiful Gazebo and places to sit in the center of town. After that we will go back to his parents’ house and sleep over together.

We are both missing each other but this time and opportunity only grows us closer together. I continue to pay off my college loan. A crutch though may be some medical bills that I have recently acquired. Two bills both around $500. This could add another month onto waiting to get a place together but I have been getting overtime and hopefully that will buffer it.

The one bill was simply put on my bed; having been addressed to my father and had been opened. I guess he wants me to pay it but yet does not communicate or even talk to me about it.

We are both looking forward to celebrating the Fourth of July, my birthday, and our trip to Kennywood.  

God Bless,