Gay Catholic Priests

There has always been this stereotype that male Catholic priests have sex with young boys. Some people ask what is wrong with these men that they would do this to innocent boys. As I thought about it more, I understood the situation better. The Catholic Church does not support homosexuality. Men who are gay feel that they cannot be themselves because they are taught that gay is wrong. They use becoming priests to reconcile themselves back with God, to try to be good enough to go to Heaven. They try to beat themselves into shape but they are still gay. They are also sexual frustrated. In their frustration, they act out and this is how this stereotype has started.

Above all, I am saddened for the pain and turmoil that these men feel they need to go through. It is pain caused by the Catholic church itself. I do not blame the priests themselves but the oppressive environment that they live under. It suffocates them and hinders them from being real and honest with themselves.

Being a priest is not going to make a person any better off. We all have our own individual relationships with God no matter who a person is. No matter what, God made you gay for a reason. I know it is hard. We all have our own stories and battles we have to face. We also know that God uses everything for good. Being gay is not something to be ashamed of but something that sets me apart from everyone else. My difference is my individuality, my strength. I would not be the same person if I was not gay. I would not see the world the way I see it if I was not gay. God has provided me with a difference lens into seeing Him and the world. I see gay men and women hurting and I want to do something about it.

I write this post today to spark thought into the stereotype of child molesting priests that maybe there is a bigger issue lurking in the shadows.



8 responses to “Gay Catholic Priests

  • jessielansdel

    Unfortunately there are many who seem to equate homosexuality with pedophilia per se. This is the unfortunate consequence of hatred and ignorance.
    Interesting piece. Thank you. 🙂

  • Clare Flourish

    The trouble for the churches is that gay sexuality also goes along with particularly relevant gifts for pastors. If they let out gays in, the priesthood would be vitalised.

  • Rich Paschall

    I think you are adding to the stereotype. Pedophilia amoung the ranks of priests is 1 to 1.8 per cent depending on the study you read. They have been done by Washington Post, NYT, author Thomas Kane. Among the general population it is supposed to be under 5 per cent. One problem is the lack of record keeping as much goes unreported in all segments of the population. It is much more of a scandal if by a priest than by anyone else so it make more news.

  • FQ

    “I would not see the world the way I see it if I was not gay.” Inspirational. I’m saving that quote for later

  • gayproject

    Pedophilia is a very serious crime because it causes very heavy consequences in people who have suffered it. Often people who abuse children have themselves suffered abuse in childhood. The vast majority of child abuse is consumed within the families and close relatives are responsible. There is no doubt that pedophilia is not justifiable under any circumstances.
    M we need to keep two things in mind:
    1) Pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality.
    2) The clergy undergoes an education strongly sex-phobic. An education strongly sex-phobic, prevents free development of sexuality and leads to its sublimation, often forced. This fact, coupled with the fact that the choice of becoming a priest is irreversible, can transform a choice, made in good faith without a full awareness of the consequences, in a real trap from which you would like but now you cannot get out. In such situations, sexuality instead of being a normal part of life becomes something transgressive, possible only in the shade, with deep conflicts of conscience and guilt. All this can also promote pedophilia. It is obvious that a less sex-phobic approach in the formation of the clergy and especially the reversibility of the priesthood could really improve the situation.

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